Sunday, November 23, 2008

Even More Bookcases

I have 8 of these folding bookcases which are really quite nice - a little more substantial than the others - I like them because they can stack on top of each other and were very useful for book shows - hopefully someone on Craigslist will like them as much as I did


I have five of these folding bookcases that I used when I actually attended book shows. Later they became important in filling in empty niches in my bookstore. Now they sit on craigslist looking for a new home

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

today I freecycled this desk which removed another 50lbs from my life. This charming little wooden desk, manufactured in the 1950's, came from my bookstore. When Berthoud Books closed in 1999 (I think), we bought all of the remaining contents, which included this desk. I think it took about 4 truckloads to haul everything up to Estes Park. Charming and sweet, it was time for this to move on.